Thursday, 31 March 2011

And we're on

And so the season really starts and the island is offically maned for the season.
Researchers, builders, contractors and volunteers have been coming back and forth for the last few weeks to start works, service machnery, clean the cottages and keep a watching eye of the bird life but on Tues. 4 of us came over to open up the buildings and get settled in. It was warm, calm and smooth when we came over but the next morning the rain had set in and the wind started. For Wednesday and Thursday we have had all sorts, it was pouring and blowing from the south east first thing but then veered round to the SW, dried up but really started blowing so the chimney in the office howls. No paying visitors today because of the strong winds but Jeremy Squire arrived having transfered from Loch Leven NNR to the Isle of May for the season. He had a bit of a bumpy trip but managed to keep his food supplies safley clasped in his hand. We nearly didn't let him on the island when we found that he had fallen fowl of the licencing laws in the supermaket. Instead he has to cook tomorrow night as punishment. However he has already proved his worth by finding a treecreeper and the second chiffchaff for the year, both frantically feeding to replenish energy after their efforts.
The weather doesn't look good for the viasitor boat for the next few days but we have still a lot to do to get the island looking good for them when they do come.

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