Monday, 3 October 2011

The Lighthouse Family

Another interesting visitor came last week. David Best, American landscape photographer from Washington State visited the island to photograph it. What made the visit more special was that he was a "several greats" grandson of Lucy Anderson. For those of you who don't know Lucy Anderson was the young babe who survive the lighthouse disaster of 1791 when the lighthouse keeper George Anderson, his wife and five of his children died after being suffocated from fumes from the ash heaps surrounding the old Beacon lighthouse. Lucy was saved and brought up in Anstruther before heading to the States with her husband. David isn't the first from the lighthouse keeper Anderson family to have visited the May and there is great satisfaction is maintaining the connection down time and across oceans with people with a direct link to the island. We showed David around the Beacon where his relatives lived and died and all round the island and we are very much looking forward to seeing his photographs of his visit.

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