Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Rain fell....

We've either got plenty of water or none at all. The Isle of May get up to 40% less of the rain that falls on the mainland. However during the first three weeks of April this year started 80.5mm fell, about 1/6 of our annual rainfall. This is the highest rainfall since records began (that's what they always say anyway). We know this as we have set up our new rain gauge at the beginning of the season. Showers for all currently, we will keep you updated on water levels.

Holymans looked more like the upper reaches of the Forth

Puffins don't expect to be swimming into their burrows

Razorbills looked confused by the waterfalls

The shags just kept their heads down

Ladies bed looked more like the Olympic canoe short course

The sun was shining on Fife by sunset

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