Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Seal latest - what is happening out there now.

Still having technological problems but have finally been able to upload some photos from a day visit to the island I made last week. A clear day but with still a fresh north easterly wind meant that there was a nip in the air and a big rolling swell on the sea. On the approach the cliffs looked cleaner after all the rain  and more grim and imposing.Kirkhaven is closed to all boats because of all of the seals there so we jumped ashore at the iron ladder at Alterstanes.

  Once ashore we walked up round the corner to Burnett's Leap and immediately saw, heard and smelt the difference. The seals were now ashore in big time, covering the flatter parts of the island with boulder like adults and the pups crisp white dots amongst them. Any pools are favourite wallowing places and and large areas had become mud baths.

Down at Kirkhaven it was obvious why we could get boats in, the  jetty and beach are covered in seals and any disturbance would cause a stampede with pups getting squashed or abandoned.  As it is there are still plenty of disagreements between cows wanting to move and upsetting their neighbours. And yet this isn't peak season yet. This comes in November so there are still more seals to come ashore and many more pups to be born if we are to reach our usual season total of 2000 pups born.

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