Friday, 21 December 2012

Laundry and out.

Ross and Luke, the seal guys feed me extremely well. We did our best to finish what was left in the freezer, including eating what seemed to be half a pig. The next morning it was an early start to get the rest of the islands bedding all bagged up and loaded onto Colin's RIB so that we could get back into Anstruther before low tide blocked us. The builders from Crail came on at the same time to drain down the water systems of the island in case of deep freezes (not a common occurrence out in the middle of the sea). They came off the island with the last of the seal researchers and gear at the end of the day.

The laundry was unloaded and piled up to be sent off the Dundee to be spruced up ready for next season. Just one of many task I am working my way through in the island closed season; others include writing reports, submitting records, planning events and volunteer work parties and drawing up shopping lists.
However this closed season is going to be a short one as in January the builders will be back out to try to get the Lowlight finished and there are other contractors heading out including those who will try again to demolish the tractor shed. All before things kick off properly in March .

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