Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Over and out

3 days after landing the contractors have completely demolished the tractor shed, crushed the concrete and it has been disposed on the island. Some of it will form the base of a new building in the place of the tractor shed, if we get permission and the money. More will be used as ballast for new set of solar panels that are to be fitted on the island. Only the rotten girders and other corroded metalwork will go off the island to be recycled as scrap.
As shame the building had to go but if it wasn't knocked down it so would have come down of its own accord.
If you want to see what it originally looked like have a look at the posting for Saturday 8 th September 2012  Good-bye to the tractor shed. Thanks to Colin Murray, skipper of the RIB Osprey, for the photos.

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