Thursday, 28 February 2013

Big Plant Off Island

The barge making its approach lead by the RIB Osprey.
Drifting in close to the jetty.

Inches to spare once moored up.
Since the tractor shed was demolished the big plant machinery has been sitiing on the island waiting to come off. There have been a couple of planned attempts but the weather has been too bad. The barge that carries the kit can only get into the harbour at the top of a spring tide so there have been limited opportunities but yesterday it all came together and the machines are off. This current high pressure has meant low winds and though the day before the swell was too big, yesterday it dropped to allow the Forth Fighter barge to make it way up down to Forth and creep into Kirkahaven just before high tide. Ably guided by our own Colin Murray, skipper of the RIB Osprey, the barge drifted slowly in and nestled up against the jetty with inches to spare on the otherside. The 20 ton digger, fuel bowser, dumper truck, other kit and the scrap iron for the demolished building were quickly loaded on. It was all a testement to the skills that the boatmen and machinery operators have to see the whole operation go so smoothly and quickly. The barge could then reverse out to a wider part of the harbopur spin round and head back up the Forth.
It is a real relief to get the kit clear of the island and take another step towards getting set up for the season. It is a month away to when the first visitor boat lands and there is a boat  load of work (loads of boat loads actually, if you get what I mean) to do before they arrive so things will have to start cranking up.
A bit of a list - that happens when a 20t digger climbs on a barge.-

A dumper over the top of our jetty crane.

Nearly full.

The Forth Fighter turns round to head back out, full to the gunwales.

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