Sunday, 3 November 2013

Speak up for Isle of May puffins, the rest of the islands seabirds and the Scottish seas

The Scottish government is asking your (and everyone elses) opinion about the plan to put some sort of protection on certain areas of the sea around Scotland. But you only have until November 13th to place your comments.
If you are interested in making your views heard then below are a number of links that will give you more idea of what the issues are, what the options are and how to say your bit.

Firstly Mark Avery, an independent writer on conservation issues (and former head of conservation for the RSPB ) wrote  a blog piece with some thoughts. Follow this link: Mark Avery's blog -

The RSPB have also some hints and ideas that you might be interested in. Follow this link RSPB's hints and ideas

And the marine Conservation Society also give some advice on how to register your views.  Follow this link: Marine Conservation Society

And this is the link to the Scottish government pages on the consultation on the Marine Protection Areas (MPAs), follow this link : Planning Scotland's Seas

So if you have strong feelings about the Isle of May or other pieces of Scottish coast near to you and would like to see the best level of protection for this special places now is the time to put forward your thoughts and ideas. Go on, you will feel great once you have done it!

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  1. I'd like to suggest that it's good for tourism, so an economic reason for caring about the Isle of May and other bird cliffs etc. but don't think they're looking for comments from people as far away as Australia!