Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Isle of May NNR blog is moving to a new site

The Isle of May blog was Scotland's first National Nature Reserve blog and has been so successful that other National Nature Reserves are following our lead and setting up NNR blogs as well.

Scottish Natural Heritage would like all the NNR blogs to have the same format and style so the island blog will now move across to a wordpress format. All the content of past posts has been moved across to the new blog so you will still be able to relive past island history by looking at past posts.

So this is the last post in the blogspot set up and from now onwards all new posts will be in the new blog so if you want to keep following what is happening out on that very special island you will need to follow the link below and set it in your favourites. Many thanks for following us so far, apologies for any inconvenience but I hope you can make the jump

New Isle of May NNR Blog address is : http://isleofmaynnr.wordpress.com

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