Friday, 30 March 2012

Behind the Scenes Boys.

Neil rebuilding the access ramp to the visitor centre

Gordon power washing the jetties.

Alistair putting in a new shower in AK cottage

Frank and Nick putting in the new diesel tank.
This was written last week but couldn't post it, will add pcitures ASAP.

We were on the island for practical reasons, Frank and Nick from Dieselec were on to connect up the new diesel tank. It is always interesting seeing the island through new eyes and though birds were Franks least favourite things they were both stunned by the island once there. For them there wasn't much time to take it in as they worked long hours to get everything fixed and thanks to their efforts we now have a safer tank that is much easier to fill and less likely to leak .
Already on the island were Alistair, Gordon and Niall from the local Crail firm Airds who do a lot of our the maintenance work on the island. They are island old lags having spent many days in the last few years in all weathers carrying out building maintenance. This time they were on putting up new ceilings, wash basins, showers (hoping that we have water to use them and rebuilding the access ramp to the visitor centre that the storms knocked down. All invaluable work done in difficult conditions that helps the National Nature Reserve to fulfil its purpose.
I move out to the island next week and it might take a few days to get an internet connection sorted and computers up and running, so bear with us and I will get blogging as soon as I can.

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