Thursday, 16 June 2011

Curious seal

Sunday was a lovely day after all the bad weather on the Saturday. The sea was calm and the sun was out. The May Princess came in as normal. I went up to speak to the pilot about the open day. I saw a seal rising off the stern. I tried to take photo before it dived. They are normally a bit shy but this one swam up and just sat on the bottom and just looked up mat me! In the crystal clear water I managed to get a few shots.

It was lovely to have an encounter like this with an inquisitive seal. This is one of last years pups.
Numbers of seals are still quite low at the moment but it is still possible to see them on the Isle of May NNR at the South Horn or on Rona when you are coming in on the boat. Numbers start to build up at the end of September when females come in to pup.

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