Monday, 6 June 2011

Peak Season - it is a bit mad

This is peak season, for the birds and therefore the researchers and the visitors and the wardens. We have had a beautiful, warm still day with a glorious sunset but know it is ffreezing cold.

The researchers are working full pelt, many are starting at 03:30 in the morning and finishing by 10:00 in the evening so the slippers spend more time either waiting for their feet or on the phone.

Luckily most of our visitors love visiting the island, this is our white board in the visitor centre where people can write comments.
Some cause some problems, a group of kayakers today went too close to the cliffs which frightened some of the auks off the ledges so giving the greater black back gulls an easy meal of chick and egg.
The terns down at Kirkhaven harbour are giving the visitors a real welcome and send off. It is great to see them defend their nesting space so vigorously.

But luckily the birds and island just carry on doing their thing.

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