Monday, 20 June 2011

Seabird Open Day - who dares wins

Just a quick posting about our seabird open day yesterday. It was great. After a load of poor weather it dawned beautiful on Sunday and kept on all through the day. The people who came out couldn't believe their luck as when the May Princess rolled in, shortly after the Seabird rib from North Berwick, the sunny was gleamingly bright and what is more even warm.

After a welcome to the island everyone quickly headed out to explore and find out more about the seabird spectacle. The researchers (after a bit but not much smartening up) had been pushed out rather unwillingly to meet the public and surprised themselves by actually enjoying telling the public all about their work on the birds, showing off their huge knowledge and passing on the fascinating life stories of these birds.

Fergus the storyteller filled the south horn for the whole of the event with his "true" stories about seabirds (I have been kissing gulls since hearing them just in case we have any beautiful princesses here)

The face painters had their work cut out painting anyone that came near, island residents or visitors.
In case you can't guess Hanna is a shag researcher.

They even caught me, apparently my nose was just the right shape for a puffin bill.

The terns gave their usual Isle of May welcome to all visitors that came close enough.
So in the end the saying was right "who dares wins".

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