Thursday, 25 April 2013

Delivering a spectacle

The day started with the island being very quiet. A brief descent of cloud, rain and murk brought down a few migrants that kept low and north, swallows and pipits mainly. And then  a TV crew came out on a recce for a possible summer filming session. We showed them around and tried to describe what the island might be like in late June when they want to film but I feel that Mark and myself struggled to do the island justice. Though we know that the island can be breathtaking, the best wildlife spectacle in Scotland, give an experience that can last a lifetime and just stunning but we both know that it isn't like that everyday.  So we tried to stress that it might not be possible to deliver the amazing visual spectacle required by the TV crew.
And why should it? TV programmes show nature at its very best but you can't replicate that in real life on a given day and we shouldn't try. Perhaps we should be saying that maybe you will be lucky and maybe you won't, that  nature is sometimes huge, colourful, loud, but sometimes subtle, cold, wet, quiet and brown. But one thing it is is it's always there. Anytime you come to the Isle of May there is always something to see and it is up to you, the visitor, actual or virtual to make the best of what you see.
Still I do hope that we didn't put the TV people off as then we have got a chance to show off the island just as it decides to present itself on that set day. Watch this space !

 Film crew discussions
 Last thing last night the first cruise liner sailed out of the Forth lit up like a Christmas tree. I wondered what the people were doing on the ship and what they thought of our lump of rock with its single cottage lit window, if they even noticed it. What a contrast - bet they don't have to wait a week to shower but I know where I would rather be.

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