Friday, 12 April 2013

Wargames in the North Sea

On Thursday night I got a tweet from my mate Paul Lomas pointing me in the direction of an article in the Courier about a multi forces assault on Barry Buddon. I'd noticed more military craft in the waters around the island and was keeping an eye out.

There had been quite a lot of helicopters going over the island during the day and we'd spotted a Naval Lynx and heard a few Chinooks but could not see them due to the low cloud.

This evening I could see a small cruiser from the Beacon and further out there was a carrier with a few helicopters on her deck. The carrier was signalling to the smaller vessel. Chinook helicopters were landing and taking off from the her.

It was all very interesting. I like my military paraphinalia. You get a good selection of craft past the island. Sections of the new naval carriers have come passed the island and David spotted a submarine last year. Always worth seeing what passes at sea or over the island. We sometimes get a little tired of the noisy Tyhoon aircraft.

Here are a couple of poor snaps to demonstrate.

 The carrier was distant off the island. See the small fishing craft in the foreground caught in the middle of the operation.

This small craft was communicating with the carrier.

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