Thursday, 17 May 2012

Calender Boy

Jeremy launched a new career on the island yesterday when he modelled for a calender. The company that services our quad bike wanted a photo of the machine and rider in an unusual location and Jeremy being, young, chiseled and most importantly clean with no stubble having just come back onto the island, was the man for the job.  This is him being snapped. A picture of the quad and the island on workshops and farm offices across the country will mean raising the awareness of the island to a completely different audience. The resulting photos should make it onto the blog at sometime.

Another modelling session was for one of two cuckoos caught the day before on the island. It is only when you see them in the hand that you realise quite what a strikingly unusual bird they are. Such big eyes!.
In the previous posting Paula showed what unusual material was used by shags in their nests. What the shags can do so can the eiders. This eider has Incorporated a long dead rabbit into her nest, maybe it works as a furry draught excluder ?
The weather has been gradually improving and a calmer evening with a bit of sun gave me the chance to go out and have a look at the sea birds on the cliffs. Some cliff faces have had a bit of a battering from wind and rain but many birds are busy incubating eggs.

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