Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sun, fog, people, cuckoo, gull, owl, rain..this week

A bit of a catch up here as we have been so busy counting gulls to the exclusion of everything else. We are at a very small hiatus inbetween counting gulls and cliff nesters and with visitors numbers tailing off due to the weather.  So this week.....
the weather has turned from glorious warm days and stunning sunsets.....

through fog........

to pouring rain today. The birds are just sitting it out as it pours down.

The good weather brought lots of visitors some of whom left their thoughts on the comments board......

The gull counting is virtually done, just a couple of small areas to finish this afternoon.

Flora and Lucie are very pleased that it is finished.

The fantastic spring for migrant birds continues with several cuckoos passing through, some calling in the rain in the top trap,

others getting caught and ringed.

Other migrant highlights include a whole load of spotted and pied flycatchers, sedge warblers, common and lesser whitethroats, 3 sanderling and a couple of short eared owls moving through,

and best of all a thrush nightingale staying for a couple days,and singing in the top trap,
An Isle of May twitch for the thrush nightingale,
The scramble for photos,

The bird itself being papped.

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  1. I was there when the weather was good - looks like we were lucky with our timing! I hope it brightens again soon :)