Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Introducing Lucie.


When you hear someone speaking with a strange accent, it wouldn’t be a tourist with weird Scots’ style accent but me – Lucie, the second SNH volunteer. I come from Czech Republic and currently study MSc conservation and biodiversity at the University of Leeds. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend a couple of months doing tasks such as counting gulls and terns, showing the beauty of the island to tourists, all odd jobs around and anything where as many helping hands are needed around.

I decided to get my dream come true after many years of working with children and in tourism sector, while enjoying natural beauty of different continents. Not being able to find almost any kind of job, I decided to go back to University and become an ecologist.

I arrived to May on a day of very rough sea. The boat was going up and down like a Yo-yo and the cold wind kept me lets say ‘well preserved’. When we finally landed, I was warmly welcomed by the SNH team and bird researchers. I fell in love with the island straight away; with the hauling sound of Eiders, freaky gull attacks, clicking sound of flying puffins and bunnies hopping everywhere. I look forward to learn about the May’s wildlife and welcome visitors to enjoy at least a glimpse of my lucky time….

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  1. nice post! Hello, Lucie. I hope you get to hear the story of another Lucy, one who was born on the May in 1790, Lucy Anderson - my 3 greats grandmother. Cheers and I hope you greatly enjoy your time on The Jewel of the Forth.