Monday, 18 June 2012

Isle of May Seabird Open Day 2012

 Yesterday was a day to celebrate the seabirds of the island and also a chance for visitors to find out a bit more about the familiar birds of the island by challenging the seabird researchers with searching questions.

Enjoying the stories in the South Horn

Face painters hard at work.

Despite the awful weather of the proceeding 2 days (1.5 inches of rain fell on Friday and Saturday) yesterday the wind dropped and the rain eased and the visitor boats came out. Over 120 people came onto the island for the Open Day and not only took in the spectacle of the seabirds at peak season but also heard stories and songs from the incomparable Claire in the South Horn and got themselves painted by Susan and June in the marquee. They also got to watch shag movies recorded by the researchers as part of their studies, found out about the ringing work of the Isle of May Bird Observatory and got the usual Isle of May welcome from the terns at Kirkhaven.

The Isle of May residents got into the swing of things by all getting their faces painted and in retrospect it maybe wasn't wise to give June and Susan free reign in choosing what to paint our faces. The boat crews were lucky to get away paint free.(Many thanks to Lucie for all of the photos)
The Isle of May crew full painted up.

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