Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations in the North Sea

The UK seems to be having a huge party to celebrate the Jubilee and the ripples have even reached us out on the edge of the North Sea. And here is just some on the island sights from the Jubilee weekend. 
The RIB Osprey arrived flying the flag. 

Some of the island residents put out bunting.

A 'Britannia' was spotted off the west cliffs on Monday afternoon.

And today on the Royal Jubilee Bank Holiday ER was caught.

In all her royal glory

ER was a puffin that was first ringed in 1991 making her at least 21 years old and was one of 10 caught early this morning. A fine old specimen. 

Not the Royal Yacht but a huge ocean liner passing the island in the evening.

Traffic problems on the island roads meant residents were late for their street party.

The May Princess bringing lots of visitiors on the holiday weekend.

A beautiful full moon over the South Horn brought the holiday weekend to an end.

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