Monday, 11 June 2012

A weekend in pictures

Here are a few picture form the weekend of pottering about on the Isle of May NNR

 One of five landings on Saturday

 The Northern Lighthouse Board were on the Island to replace an Alternator in the Mainlight.

 This Icterine Warbler left the safety of the bushes and acted like a Wheatear

The ringers had trapped,ringed and released the Icterine Warbler the day before

Our first Lesser Black-backed Gulls hatched on Friday.

Woodpidgeons are scarce on the island. This one was made rather unwelcome by the local Rock Pipit.

This young Shore Crab gave me a surprise as I pulled up the rope before the May Princess came in.

Many Puffins are coming in with beaks full of fish.

The seabirds we're well 'papped' along Three Tarn Nick

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