Friday, 22 June 2012

Midsummer on the Isle of May

A few images of the island at Midsummer (as I write this it is actually chucking it down and blowing a good one).

The guillemots are starting to leave the cliffs meaning that we are at the peak of the breeding season - there are still plenty of birds to see on the island.

The researchers have been hard at it ringing guillemot chicks so that when they return as adults, like this one  we can follow their life histories.

Spring migration has virtually finished with a rather drab looking common rosefinch bringing up the rear. Another few weeks a we will be looking for the first waders heading in the opposite direction.

It is ocean liner season with this huge one passing the south horn a few days ago.

The ever photogenic South Horn blushing pink in the sunset.

The South Horn set amongst a sea of sea campion, the island is looking stunning at the moment with its carpet of flowers.
The rock pipits are perhaps the least noticed of the island inhabitants but their descending song and display flight are one of the joys of the summer on the May.  At the moment they are busy feeding their just fledged young.

The terns take very seriously their welcoming role for the island.

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  1. You are doing exactly what you envisioned yourself doing when back at Long Pt years ago. What an amazing place you are at and doing such valuable research. With envy from St. Louis across the pond, SG