Saturday, 16 July 2011

All part of the service....

It was 5pm and the May Princess was about to leave. Kevin was there counting up the numbers. The Gangway was removed. Just as the engines were engaged a passenger asked if it was possible to retrieve a book their young child had dropped over the side. The book was caught in wind and tide and looked like it might get back to Anstruther unaided. There was nothing long enough to retrieve the item on board. It looked like it was lost forever.

Until a new super hero was unveiled. Rinchen Broadman the Tern and visitor office stripped down to his basics and without thought dived into the water. James the skipper only gave him 5 out 10 for the dive but the book was retrieved to rapturous applause of a full May Princess. The water was only about 15 degrees so it was quite impressive. He even posed for pictures!

Well done Rinchen. Great work. That was not in the job description.....

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