Sunday, 3 July 2011

Whatever next ?

When the visitor boat chugs up to the jetty on the island you just never quite know who is going to get off and what they are going to do? Sometimes there are friends on or people you know, sometimes there is a group booked on with a special interest and sometimes there is a surprise. Yesterday was one of those when the Edinburgh University Renaissance Singers stepped off on a day out. In high spirits and good voice they enjoyed the island and sang. The priory was first stop, it has just been recently opened after the terns nesting there meant that people couldn't get in and seemed a fitting place for renaissance music. It isn't the first time the ruins have seen type of thing. Above is a photo taken at the end of the 2nd world war of a of a christening service held for the daughter of the commander of the island during the war years.
The choir dispersed only to gather and sing on the jetty towards the end of the visit as everyone was filing back onto the boat. A beautiful day, a stunning setting, thousands of birds and all enhanced by beautiful music. Magic.

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