Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hard times for the island Lepidotra

Here on the island we record the butterflies and moths. We count the day flying insects and set the moth trap at night.

It has recently become clear that these are proving easy prey for some for the other hungry residents of the island.

It is lovely that the Pied Wagtails breed here but is a little sad when I watch the fledged young eating the Tortoiseshell butterflies one after another.

The other breeding passerine on the on the island, the Rock Pipit has been catching the Ghost moths on the island too with great gusto and expertise. Finding them hiding underneath the nettles.

But the biggest surprise came when I emptied the moth trap this morning. Over half the moths had bee attacked. Wings and half eaten moths everywhere. Carnage!

Was it the Rock Pipit mocking me as it made its familiar 'fsst' noise? I doubt it would find its way in and out of the trap. So too the Pied Wagtail that made the 'chiswick' as it flies over.

So what is it? Well, I have my suspicion but I'll solve the crime to the standard Bergerac used to before I go accusing anyone!

I'll post soon.

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