Thursday, 7 July 2011

Beer Shag - The latest

Cast back your minds back to April 3rd of this year. David reported that a Shag that was breeding down at Ladies Bed at the south end of the island had a plastic beer can ring round its neck.

This bird was recognisable because it wears a plastic yellow ring with YY marked on it. The beer ring was removed in April.

The latest on the bird is that it has successfully reared 3 chicks this spring. This bird was born in 1995 and has bred every year since 2002 producing 14 young.

As well as putting up with heavy seas and bad weather there are many man made threats to these birds including pollution and litter. As we say in our talk to the public everyday 'The way you live your life can have a direct effect on the birds of the Island.' Yellow YY was lucky, unfortunately many are not.

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