Saturday, 2 July 2011

Media Spotlight On The Isle of May- not really

The Stevenson Mainlight - the focus of the film crew.

The inside stair case in the Mainlight.

We have been having a bit of media action out here on the island in a very small way, certainly it isn't going to our heads. Firstly we had a visit from Euan McIllwraith from the Out of Doors Radio Scotland show who was doing a bit about Fife. With there a being a water shortage and my personal grooming standards not being as high as normal it was a good thing it was radio. Euan huffed and puffed a bit going up and down the hills but was extremely positive about the island and its wildlife so it was easy form e to witter on about the amazing place that it is. Of course there is more to it than just wittering and i tried to slip in the message about the real purpose of nature reserves of to win over peoples hearts and minds for nature conservation and ultimately make a change in their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint and so help the seabirds that way but it was a bit heavy for a Saturday morning and ended up on the cutting room floor. Listening to my voice afterwards is painful but at least it got out to a wider audience the joys of visiting the isle of May.
Next up was a freelance journalist Steve Newman who came to look around the island, chat with a few people and produce a number of tailored articles for various publications. These are yet to appear but will reach a different group of people out there and put the Isle of may on other peoples radar.
And the yesterday the One Show came to visit lead by guest presenter and former political correspondent John Sergeant. Really they were coming to film a piece about the Stevenson Mainlight that dominates the island but couldn't help but be wowed by the birds. John Sergeant was heard to demand that the camera crew must get some shots of the puffins but it wasn't true that this was becuase he and the puffins had the same dancing styles. The piece isn't going to go out for another month but keep your eyes skinned for the Isle of May on prime time TV later in the summer.

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