Sunday, 28 August 2011

Catching Up

No visitor boat today as it is blowing hard from the west and has been raining for much of the day. So a good day for catching up, including, of course the Blog. Well the seals are getting more frequent and more curious. The one above was watching me in the harbour. The seal below was trying to sleep but the incoming tide and waves were making life uncomfortable - time to move.

A couple of days ago another blogger Mark Avery visited the Isle of May. Mark, as Director of Conservation for the RSPB was an outspoken champion for wildife in the UK and he put his views over in a very popular and well-read blog. He has now left the RSPB and is self-employed and still writes his hard hitting blog. With trepidation I went on to find out what he had written about the Isle of May. The link here ( will let you read the entry for the 28th August but luckily he was very complimentary about the island, nearly as complimentary as he was about Fiona from the May Princess, none of the rest of us got a mention though.
Yesterday evening was beautiful, though today the shepherds would have been hiding their faces this morning. I took a few photos of the angel and the bishop at Pilgrims Haven while the shags watched me from the stack.

Today it is a different scene, but that is the Isle of May, never the same, always changing.

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