Monday, 8 August 2011

Wind and Fire

A waterfall at Bishops Cove
It was so wet the shags had taken over the jetty.
If you like weather then the Isle of May is the place to be, we do lots of weather here and the last couple of days have really delivered. Since Saturday morning it has rained almost continuously right through till this (Monday) morning. It then improved to showers but the island is now as wet as I have seen it. The paths are streams, the roads are rivers and the streams are something bigger and we even have waterfalls. 3 Tarn Nick which normally struggles to reach 1 or 2 is now 4 and a half. And perhaps most importantly of all the well is filling up. I hope this will hold us in good stead for next years washing and showering regime.

But the last of the showers finished at tea-time and the day left us on fire with a spectacular sunset but now the swell is building up. It has been breezy today but not enough to create the waves that are pounding the east side this evening. Somewhere else across the North Sea it must be blowing hard and the long fetch gives the chance of the waves to build and 2.5 m waves are crashing across the harbour entrence which if it keeps up means not boat tommorrow. The morning will show us.

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