Saturday, 20 August 2011

We arranged this for you

Sometimes the weather is just bad. It's raining cats and dogs. But the boat still comes out and we will be there to meet it. On a particularly rainy day it was not looking promising. It had rained all day. It was so bad we stood in the bar on the boat and I did the usual talk. To be fair the weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of visitors. Off they went in their various directions. I stayed on the boat and had a coffee with the crew. I set off eventually with it still raining. I headed for the main light and as I walked up Palputation Brae the rain stopped.

A strange mist rose from all around

From behind the Beacon a rainbow appeared

Do you see the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow? (or a group of non english speakers off the path. Grrr)

The island was bathed in sunshine as the May Princess left. And yes I did use the old joke 'we arrange the weather' to every visitor I saw!

On average we get 40% less rain then the mainland. We have suffered with a water shotage this summer. Many days we've looked back towards Anstruther with dark clouds above while we are in bright sunshine. One of those stange phenomina of being an island.

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