Friday, 19 August 2011

Seasons are a changing......

These were typical pictures from the start of the breeding season

I was recently being asked by a friend of mine, 'what is there on the island once the puffins have gone?'

It did not take me long to come up with a list of reasons why.........

The scenery is fantastic. On a clear day you can see a long way down the Forth. The Bass Rock can be seen to the south west like an incomplete 'Death Star' (star wars geek alert) with strings of Gannets that will be feeding their young until October on the Rock. Great views of these birds can be had from May Princess or just streaming past the Ladys Bed. You can also see North Berwick Law, the Pentlands looking south. Looking towards Fife you can see Largo Law and the Lomands as well as getting a different view of Fifes beautiful fishing villages. You are still in the central belt of Scotland, can you think of anywhere more tranquil?

The waters around the May are amazingly clear. All manner of sea life can be seen in the harbour. If you go up to the west cliffs it is possible to get a look at seals swimming under the water.

The seals are now turning up in force. The skipper on the May Princess will skillfully and safely drive the boat close to where the seals haul out. Good views are easy to get.

At this time of year the Sea Campion and Oxide Daises are out. The flowers attract a profusion of Butterflies. Many hundreds of Red Admirals and Tortoiseshells have been seen on the island with smaller numbers of Painted Ladies and Peacocks.

And you never know, you might get lucky.....

Can you see the Minke Whale?

This Barred Warbler is a vagrant to our shores from Eastern Europe. This is a rare bird in the UK. Islands get a good mix of migrants in the right conditions.

I can't think of a caption for this picture. Answers on a postcard.....

So I think we can establish there's still a lot to see plus think of the fresh sea air.

Stop press - At time of writing Puffins have still been seen carrying fish to feed their young. There are also Fulmar feeding young. It's a long breeding season out here on the Jewel of the Forth.

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