Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Isle of May People Open Day - Sunday 14th August.

This Sunday we have the 2nd of our 4 open days for the season. This one is all about the people who have lived on the Isle of May going back in time. So if you come over you will get the chance to find out more about the lives of the monks that lived in the priory and even meet one, the lighthouse keepers, learn about the pioneer bird researchers who set up Scotlands first bird observatory and find out about the lives of the Isle of May residents today. You can also hear stories told in the atmospheric south horn. And of course there is also the fabulous Isle of May to see and if you have been reading this blog regularly then you will know that there is always something of intererst to see on the island at anytime.

You can come a long in the usual ways either on the May Princess from Anstruther (http://www.isleofmayferry.com/) or on fast RIB from North Berwick with the Scottish Seabird Centre (http://www.seabird.org/), just contact either for ticket details.

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