Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Calums View of the Isle of May NNR

I spent a week volunteering on the amazing Isle of May. On arrival on the May Princess I was surprised by the sheer quantity of wildlife on such a small Island. Not knowing entirely what to expect I was welcomed warmly by all the inhabitants of the Island, including other volunteers, seabird researchers and Jeremy one of the reserve managers. I was surprised by the amount of work required in maintaining the reserve and monitoring the birds. Helping where I could I spent my week doing a variety of tasks, from netting and ringing puffins to maintaining paths around the Island. Those whom I met there are all very passionate about the work that they do and care about the island greatly. I will definitely go back to the island to do more voluntary work, hopefully for a longer spell of time as I loved the island and the people there were great to work with. I have to thank those who made my stay such a great experience.

I came face to face with a seal while helping Jeremy with his studies of the Greater Black-backed Gulls

It is the first time in my life I've woken up in the morning and a cruiseship was parked outside

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