Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Yesterday was probably the best day we have had this year, warm and hardly any wind. These days are perfect for travelling to the island by alternatives means. It is when the kayakers appear, we have had a few already. Paddling over to the May is a fairly serious undertaking as it is 6 miles out into the sea, you have to be sure of the weather for the whole day and use the tides to help you. Once out at the island a gentle paddle along the cliffs is a great way to see them but we always tell paddlers that they must stay at least 50m away from the cliff faces to avoid disturbing the birds. Kayaks too close to the cliffs frighten birds off the ledges, but why is this a problem as they can just fly straight back ? The birds will be protecting eggs or chicks and if these are left exposed then gulls come straight in a take them. Luckily most of the paddlers behave responsibly but I have see kayakers merrily paddling along touching the cliffs and having a fantastic time watching a waterfall of auks cascade of the cliffs but not seeing the massacre going on behind them as gulls snatch defenceless chicks.  So feel free to visit the island by kayak but please give the birds a chance and give the cliff faces a bit of distance.

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