Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terns Fledging!

We've put a lot of effort into our Terns this year. Lucie and Paula have been both watching the colonies for  up to three hours a day before they first started laying eggs. We've also put down shelters, put in canes to confuse the gulls and kept the photographers from venturing too close.

We are finally seeing the fruits of our labour. At the time of writing at least 13 youngsters have fledged and hopefully more will come.

This was the first bird to fledge near the tractor shed

It is funny watching them take their early flights. Their wings are not pointed like the adults and have more of a rounded shape. They get attacked by the adult terns, confused by seeing different coloured birds in their colony.

We've even had more eggs laid this week too. We're wondering just how long and protracted this tern season will be. LAst year only one chick was raised.

These two fledglings near the Beacon were enjoying a bath in a puddle

There are still chicks going about of all sizes

Hopefully with increased understanding through observation we can improve productivity for these birds for the coming years.

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