Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cuckoo, clouds and canoesailor

A mixed bag of C's today.
A juvenile cuckoo flying overhead.
More birds moving south as migration tide has slowly turned. Today we had a beautiful juvenile cuckoo stay on the island for the day. Having followed the BTO cuckoo tracking project where cuckoos migrations were followed using satellite tags I am in awe when I think that this bird is heading south to spend the winter in the African continent, travelling purely by instinct.
A different sort of magic was a chiffchaff that turned up in the traps that was rung in mid May on the island but hasn't been caught since then. Has it been hiding on the island all this time away from prying binoculars ? Or was it returning south ?
We have had some spectacular clouds coming over.

Lots of huge rain clouds have been dumping some heavy showers but making the most beautiful skies, including a perfect rainbow this evening touching the south horn and just north of Kirkhaven.
Gold can be found just near the south horn.
Gavin the canoesailor turned up in the afternoon

An unusual craft turned up today, a canoesailor, skippered by Gavin Miller. Gavin is sailing round the UK starting from his home near Southampton and this afternoon was passing the island on route from Dunbar to Crail and decided to stop for a rest and a look around. Fortified with Isle of May coffee (it powers the island) and sheltered from the latest heavy shower he had a quick look around and then headed on his way. Best of luck Gavin and may the winds stay fair for you. You can find out more about Gavin's journey on his website www.canoesailor.com. 

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