Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pufflings - The effort we go to....

We're still seeing plenty of fledge Puffins (pufflings) around the Isle of May NNR at the moment. These are birds that get confused after they leave their burrows and don't make it to the sea.

Here is a picture of me picking one up from one of the pools on the North Plateau

Once birds are caught they are ringed, weighed, measured and released safely at night.

Here is Calum releasing one from Cornerstone

The Heligoland traps are a place that pufflings easily get lost in.

Strimming the nettles back at the edge of the paths can help them as they can get stuck. We also went to extra effort this year by clearing round behind the engine shed because it's no fun lying on the concrete trying to rescue them from behind the air tanks.

It was funny when the builders opened up the tractor shed and out walked a puffling and equally funny was when one walked into the kitchen late one night. These birds are attracted to noise and light. We take extra care to make sure the generater is off at night too.

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