Thursday, 30 August 2012

Getting ready for the lighthouse weekend and the Woodpecker

It's all steam ahead on the island with us finishing the preparations for the Lighthouse day. The pictures above are David and myself tidying the engine shed up this afternoon.

As well as the Engine Shed the Beacon will  be open. The Mainlight will be open to the public for only the second time ever.

Last Autumn I made a tree in the garden out of some Elder scrub outside the Kitchen windows. I was laughed at for doing this, but the laughter soon stopped when David saw a Greater Spotted Woodpecker was sat in it! It was a juvenile and the first record for the island for over 10 years. It was pecking around the fence posts on the island and enjoyed basking on the trapping box in the Low Trap.

As well as woodpecker we saw a Buzzard on the south end of the island. These birds are common on the mainland but seldom seen on the island.

The sky was fantastic this evening with the big silvery moon

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