Friday, 3 August 2012

What is happening at the Lowlight ? - an exciting find.

Some visitors might have noticed some building activity on the island and a part of the Lowlight looking a bit wrecked. Well it is all part of the plan for the Isle of May Bird Observatory to redevelop the building to make the accommodation more flexible and up to date. The assorted lean-to parts of the building will be knocked down and a new extension built. The demotion has begun and the work is scheduled to be finished by the end of October with it back functioning in time for the next spring migration.
One intriguing find was that when the woodshed was cleared out buried underneath all the wood stacks was an old lighthouse keepers toilet of the most basic kind - a proper thunderbox. Its nice to think of all those lighthouse keepers and their families and also servicemen during the war having used it.  And best of all is the view from the seat which is absolutely stunning,  I wonder if they had a thunderbox bird list ?

View from the thunderbox at sunset.

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