Monday, 27 August 2012

More rain....

It's rained here from dawn until dusk today. I could not resist a peak at the rain gauge and another 18mm has fallen. Apart from the May Princess not appearing and no moths in the trap, it does not affect me. With most of my outdoor work done, I'm inside writing my annual report. I did go for a walk and got soaked.

But it cleared up nicely this evening. Looking down the loch there were dramatic skies at dusk looking back towards the Fife coast.

Even blue sky could be seen to the east.

Yesterday was completely different with beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky

Apart from the last of the Fulmars chicks on the crags the only other breeding birds on the island are the Feral Pigeons!

We've been seeing the odd interesting bird out here. We've seen Sooty Shearwater, Pomarine Skua Black-tailed Godwits and another Barred Warbler. We also spotted a Minke Whale yesterday.

I found dozens of Hermit Crabs in a rock pool on Rona. I even watched one try a shell on and not liking it and going back to it's original shell.

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  1. Just signed up to your blog keep up the good work.
    I hope to kayak over from North Berwick this weekend weather permiting.
    It would be great to set foot on The May having spent my life looking at it from the town.
    Look out for the tree of us we will be the trully knackered individuals that are unsuitably dressed :)