Friday, 31 August 2012

Lighthouse Treasure

Sometimes it is a bit like being an archaeologist. As we walk across the island glimpsaes of previous lighthouse keepers lives can appear infront of us. In the past rubbish was never taken off the island but burnt or buried in one of the many gulleys. Puffins, rabbits and weather mean that some of those rubbish dumps on the island sometimes get uncovered and treasure can then be found.

 Over the last few months we have found a whole selection of little "things" that keep us in touch with the past lives on the island. Like the old Northern Lighthouse Keepers button, maybe burst off a coat after a big meal or when a thread gave way?

And the 1934 penny found right next to the North Horn which was built in 1938, perhaps dropped by a workman sweating away on laying the concrete for the structure?

 And various other items such as bottle stops, glass and beer bottles; horses teeth, maybe from the one that helped to carry the coal up the hill to the Beacon?; the end of clay pipe; a heel tap, looking like an tiny horseshoe and pieces of old metal work.

Most bottles got broken during their dosposal but occassionally we might come across a complete one. After 370 years of lighthouse occupation of the island there is bound to be a lasting impression.

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