Monday, 3 September 2012

Isle of May Lighthouse Open Weekend

We had been studying the weather forecasts for the last week the our Lighthouse Weekend wasn't looking hopeful. When it came to Saturday the forecasts were just too bad and the boats all cancelled. Luckily things picked up for the Sunday and 120 visitors made it across to take part in only the second ever Isle of May Lighthouse open day (part of the Fife Council Doors Open Days programme) when all of the lighthouse buildings including the incredible Main light were open to all visitors.

The Lowlight tower was also open though those who made it to the top had to squeeze up a narrow ladder and through a small hatch.

The tight space meant that only a few people could go up at any one time so queues formed but people were happy to sit in the sun and wait.

Some people got very excited about looking round the engine room with its huge air compressor engines.

Scotland's oldest lighthouse, the Beacon was also open.

But it was the Main light that most people had top of their lists to visit.  The spiral staircase is breathtaking.

The shadow of the Main light dominated its predecessor the Beacon.
The views from the top, the highest point on the island were fantastic.
The lantern was the warmest place of the island.
The great thing about these days is that visitors get a taste of the island and want to come back. No end of lighthouse enthusiasts said that they planned to come back in the early summer to see a very different island covered in seabirds.


  1. Unfortunately, we were booked on the cancelled Saturday trip and couldn't re-schedule for the Sunday! We've re-booked for the open seal day so keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is going to be kinder to us then. Hopefully we might make it out to the lighthouses next year!!

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it, my are fingers crossed for the seal day as well. The lighthouses aren't going anywhere so will be there next year.

  3. I hope we can see the lighthouses next year - that spiral staircase looks FAB!!

  4. Woo! That's me in Blue T-shirt. Had a such a good time. Am coming back next summer. This time for the puffins!
    Great blog you got there David.