Monday, 24 September 2012

Isle of May Seal Day - a cracking day.

Jeremy and I started the seal day at sunrise to carry out the last all island wader count of the season. With seal pups being born now it is too disruptive to get all round the island from now onwards. As usual it was a joy get around the shore, poking around in dark corners, finding greater black-backs, curlews, purple sandpipers and startling one short-eared owl.

Later as I was waiting for the first visitors boats to come in I was entertained by a large shoal of young pollock (a bit like a cod) in the harbour.

The May Princess didn't sail but the RIB Osprey came from Anstruther and the Seabird from North Berwick bringing visitors to mainly see the seals.
At the far end of the island they were able to look through the telescope to see the second pup of the season that had been born the day before.

At the end of the day everyone seemed to have enjoyed the great weather, sampled the island at a different time of year and had a brilliant day. Thank you all for coming.

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  1. We had the most fantastic day out on the island, the highlight of course being given the chance to see the newborn seal pup with its mum!! Thank you to everyone involved.