Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September storm hits the Isle of May

So this is what it looks like when 8.1m swell starts pounding onto the island. These photos were taken by yesterday volunteer Lucie Bernardova  showing  the effects of the storm.

 This is Kirkhaven top jetty in case you don't recognise it, the structure is the crane on the end of the jetty. This jetty lies at the end of the harbour and is usually protected by a line of rocks on the sea side. Yesterday the swell just rolled right over the top of the rocks.

 One of the gang planks used by the May princess didn't survive the waves.

The good news is that both seal pups born before the storm have survived even though they were both on the east side of the island. Today we found the pup that starred in the seal open day at the weekend happily sunbathing  though it did seem a bit further up the beach than where it started.
Some good birds have been also blown in including the autumn's first yellow-browed warbler, a second greater spotted woodpecker for the season, snow buntings and about 750 song thrushes but as it is late more about that tomorrow.


  1. Wow!! The island sure took a pounding!! So glad to hear the wee seal pup is OK though!! :o)