Monday, 17 September 2012

Blustery weather on the May but there's wildlife to be seen

The weather has been a bit windy with constant winds of 15 -25mph winds. There have been impresive waves hitting the island and an almost constant taste of salty spray in the air.

I'm mostly stuck indoors report writing at the moment but I still go for the odd walk about. The weather has been good apart from the wind. The sun has been out most of the time.

If you can find a sheltered spot there are good numbers of Butterflies to watch.

I was wondering if I was going to see any Peacock Butterflies this year on the island after a blank spring. There has been more this Autumn then there were for the whole of last year. We've also been counting up to 200 Red Admirals, 60 Tortoiseshell and the odd Green-veined White and Painted Lady. Silver Y moths have numbered over 200 which is a vey good count for the island. They appear to be in all the nettle beds.

I still have the moth trap out every night and when the wind drops a little , trapping can be quite productive. Another Angled Shades was trapped in the moth trap the other day. These stunning moths can be caught from April through to December.

The moth highlight of the season was to come on 12th. This moth is a Pine Carpet. It is reasonably common on the mainland but has never been recoreded out here before.

Some else has been enjoying the moth trap for differant reasons. This Wheatear has been living in the garden for a week and has been taking advantage.

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