Friday, 14 September 2012

Entertaining seals

The seal numbers are building up on the island as we approach the seal breeding season. But grey seals are around the island all year round and give us much entertainment with their ability to make themselves comfortable and their inquisitive nature.
Below are a couple of photos taken by one of the island researchers of a young seal having fun with a football that had floated into Alterstanes. 

Many thanks to Evelyn Philpot for these photos.

And these 2 seals seemed to have got is all worked out. The May Princess came across them on the way back to Anstruther from the island back in July. Somehow they had climbed aboard a large piece of rigid insulation and found themselves the perfect floating island.  The crew of the May Princess couldn't work out what it was until they got closer in the boat. The seals were left on their board to continue to float on.

Many thanks to Yuuko Akahoshi and Carlos Klimpel for these photos.

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