Sunday, 30 June 2013

Art on the May

Many people have been inspired to have a go at representing what they have seen on the island in a form of art and the last few weeks have been no exception. Our whiteboard has received and number of fantastic pictures of what artists have seen as they have gone around the island and a selection have been included below:

 Puffin by Alesha aged 4

 Rabbit and seal.

Another artist producing work almost as good is Leo Du Feu who stayed a week on the island and has written up his stay on his blog  -  Leo du Feu blog.                 
Why not have a look?

We have an Art on the May Open Day coming up on 18 August where you can see inspiring art of all sorts including stories from Claire McNicol, songs from Karine Polwart, painting by Derek Robertson, seabird knitting and photography from Celine Marchbank. Tickets for the boat will be scarcer than shags teeth so better book soon.

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