Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Improvised Tern Defence

Livvy, one of our volunteer wardens looking like Adam Ant after being "got" by the terns.

The terns that are nesting around Kirkhaven are defending their nests sites extremely vigorously this year which is great for them and bodes well for a productively season. But it is a shame that all visitors landing at the Top Jetty and Logans Road have to walk right through the middle of the colony. This means that the all get traditional Isle of May welcome and farewell and it is interesting to see how they deal with it.
The more experienced bring hats or a walking stick. Some improvise on the day using water bottles,  putting their hoods up, rucksacks balanced on the head, coats rolled up and draped, even expensive cameras planted on the top of the head. And some just panic.
So if you are planning to visitor to the island over the next few weeks you might want to bring some form of tern defence. The one thing we stress most importantly is that you must not move, or wave about whatever it is that you put on your head in case you hurt or damage the birds. One thing is certain it will be one of the closest brushes with nature you will have. 
A water bottle!

Hoods and rucksacs.

A camera

A jumper

A handy bag.

A big lens.

A very expensive camera

A bag.

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