Friday, 28 June 2013

The flowering of the isle

 The flowers on the island this year have been stunning. Nothing too rare but just stunning all the same. I don't know why they have produced such a display - it might be to do with a previous summer or winter or it could be the current season but either what people have been noticing.

 Even the buttercups look pretty good.

 The sea of hogweed makes great landing pads for nectar seaking insects.

 The forget-me-nots are giving a blue haze across the old ash heaps left by the original coal fired lighthouse.
 The thrift has been beautiful where it manages to flower away from the reach of the rabbits. Locally it is called May Daisy.

 The silverweed is just such a nicely put together plant with its finely divided, silver dusted leaves and its bright yellow flower.
 The sea campion has drawn rave reviews from any a visitor.

 A small patch of stonecrop manages to squeeze out a delicate pink flower away from the rabbits and nestled in amongst the lichens.

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