Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Isle of May on Springwatch

 We caught up with the Isle of May on Springwatch last night. You can still see it on the BBC website on iPlayer if you haven't seen it. The islands birds were the stars with some fantastic footage of shag courtship and puffin social interactions that the camera team did well to capture in just a couple of days of filming. It is great to see the island getting centre stage of such a well-watched programme.
However there is a bit of disappointment on the island with the information given with the footage and this despite all the facts being given to the programme. The media seemed to have grabbed the "seabird disaster " story to the exclusion of all else. Yes the shags have suffered over the winter and the number of nests are down. But it isn't all doom and gloom for the puffins with there being only a small drop in the numbers of nesting birds. And it is a shame that they didn't take the opportunity to link the problems that seabirds are having with the changing state of the seas and the impact that everyone can have on them. But you can't have everything and we are glad that some many people are finding out through the TV about this fantastic island.

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